Nearly 40 years of creating investor value

For almost four decades, many of the most sophisticated institutional investors in the world have turned to USAA Real Estate (USAARE) for private real estate investment strategies. They know our commitment to creating investor value is rooted in our disciplined and unwavering process in acquiring, developing, financing, and managing investment properties.
Today, as a USAARE affiliate, USAA Real Estate Private Wealth, is equally committed to sharing our private real estate knowledge and experience with you through this website. Our goal is to help you discover the investment opportunities available in this unique asset class and how these strategies can play an essential role in helping improve investment outcomes for your clients.
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Value creation across the spectrum

We believe investor value is created at every phase of the private real estate investment process. That means having intimate knowledge of the investment management teams that have skilled professionals  with the proven ability to apply their expertise during:

  • Acquisitions to find and diligence potential properties and development opportunities
  • Financing to create the lowest cost of capital
  • Asset management to increase property net operating income
  • Property management to ensure a quality tenant experience
  • Dispositions to capture the enhanced value of properties

When Interests Align

Introducing IDR Investment Management (“IDR”), a USAA Real Estate Company

USAA Real Estate’s commitment to offering clients investment opportunities across the spectrum of private real estate strategies led to discussions with IDR, a boutique private real estate investment management firm that the USAA Real Estate management team has known and respected for years.

Cleveland, Ohio-based IDR, has long been recognized by institutional clients for the disciplined and consistent process it follows in managing its core investment strategies. Those characteristics aligned perfectly with USAA Real Estate’s investment philosophy and became the impetus behind creating a formal relationship between our two firms.

Today, IDR is a Registered Investment Advisor and a majority-owned subsidiary of USAA Real Estate, providing private real estate investment opportunities to investment advisors and their clients.

Your clients have challenges, we have solutions.

If you are interested in exploring alternative sources of income for your clients and would like to learn more about private real estate investment options, download our new eBook, Made for Income: An Advisor’s Guide to a Durable Income Alternative.

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